1007. Spider-Plan

25th Mar 2016, 12:26 AM
1007. Spider-Plan
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Dyonus 25th Mar 2016, 12:26 AM edit delete
Okay...so I would normally do a movie based comic right after the movie came out...but I'm kind of burnt out on movie based comics right now. That being said, I thought the movie was okay. Doesn't deserve the hate it got from the critics, but it's not a great movie, either. Just okay. I liked it for the most part and even liked it better than Man of Steel, but felt they crammed too much stuff in the first couple of acts. Lot of build up, little pay off and it jumped around too much. But again...I did like it.

Oh, and no comics next week. I'm going out of town. Pegwarmers will resume April 4th.
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