1220. Telltale Troubles

6th Oct 2017, 7:00 PM
1220. Telltale Troubles
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Dyonus 6th Oct 2017, 7:00 PM edit delete
I love the Telltale games, but I'm the same way. I will start a series and then not come back to it for a while because I'm waiting for the next episode to come out and then forget to play it until the next couple come out and then even then I just finish up the series over a couple of months after the final episode was released. That's what I did with Season 1 of Batman.

Why? I get distracted with other games. If this were my main game, I'd get it done in a few days. It's not. I take out gaming time for my main game on one day to play an episode.

The only couple of times I did that was with Jurassic Park, which was an older series at the time, Wolf Among Us (though there were a few months between episode 1 and 2), and the non-Telltale episode based game Life is Strange. I played that consecutively until it was done. I love that game more than most Telltale games. Maybe about as much as Wolf Among Us. That game has no equal among Telltale games, but they do have some really good ones like Tales from the Borderlands (which took me forever to finish), Batman (not as long), and so far GotG.
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