1301. Ant-Man and the Wasp

6th Jul 2018, 12:00 AM
1301. Ant-Man and the Wasp
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Dyonus 6th Jul 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
As of posting this comic, I have not seen the movie since it's currently Wednesday, but when the comic is posted, I will have seen the movie. I am really looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first Ant-Man movie. Hoping this one will be as good or better. I like how Marvel movies hint at something in one movie (without being an overt advertisement) and then follow up in another. They did that with Rhodes becoming War Machine, they did that with Captain America's shield, mentioning Spider-Man in (I think) Ant-Man 1, and now we have The Wasp after hints in Ant-Man 1. It's a nice trend because in other superhero movie series, they'll hint at something and never do anything about it. A big one being that we never saw Dylan Baker in the Spider-Man movies as The Lizard, for instance.
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