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14th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM
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Dyonus 14th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
I loved the movie. Probably my favorite movie of the year, but I'm a bit biased. None of the other Spider-Man, Batman, or Deadpool movies were my movie of the year, but I just had so much fun watching Into the Spider Verse. If I had any nitpicks, it would be that I wish Spider-Ham, Penny Parker, Noir Spider-Man, and even Spider-Gwen (who I'm not a huge fan of in the comics because I find her overrated) needed more screen time, but the movie was supposed to be about Miles Morales primary and divorcee Peter Parker secondarily and it did a great job of focusing on the two. At the very least, I wanted more Spider-Gwen. Partially because I thought she was cute (God, I feel creepy saying that as a 30-something year old male) and I thought her hair was cute and she was pretty cool. I've always liked her costume even if I feel she's overrated.

The big takeaway for me here is that I've always liked Miles to an extent, but because I loved Ultimate Spider-Man and he was killed off and replaced with Miles Morales, I've always considered Miles to be there as a replacement for Peter Parker and I like Peter Parker, so I always had an animosity towards him and it had nothing to do with the character. The character was fine. I found watching this movie kind of fixed that for me since the Ultimate introduction of the character was to bring him after Peter's death. This, without giving too much away, has a strong focus on Miles from the start. We get attached to him before we see Peter. That was a fantastic choice on their part.
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