1340. The Return of the Superior Spider-Man

28th Dec 2018, 11:00 PM
1340. The Return of the Superior Spider-Man
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Dyonus 28th Dec 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Between Ultimate Spider-Man being dead (at the time) and Doc Ock stealing Peter’s body, I absolutely hated Superior Spider-Man because I felt like they were getting rid of Peter Parker. I read Ultimate Spider-Man with Miles Morales and Superior Spider-Man, but I was angry at the lack of Peter Parker. I ended up liking Kaine’s run of Scarlet Spider more than USM or SSM because a cynical clone of Peter was the closest thing I could get.

Eventually we did get Peter back (because they can’t have a Spider-Man movie in theaters with no Peter Parker in the comics) and I continued reading Miles in USM and prayed Otto never came back to the same degree he was in Superior Spider-Man. Well...that was until the most recent clone story arc and the Spider-Geddon storyline. Since we have Peter in the main comics now, Miles in his own, and Doc Ock in his own, I’m actually interested in Superior Spider-Man now.

I don’t dislike other people being Spider-Man...so long as we have a Peter Parker series (‘cause he’s still my favorite Spider-Man...and I think he’s THE Spider-Man whereas Miles is A Spider-Man and Otto is A Spider-Man). Hell, I liked Spider-Man 2099 for a while because he wasn’t a Peter Parker replacement, he was a superhero with a similar motif.

Long story short, I plan on reading Superior Spider-Man despite my distaste of the original run.
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