1341. Return From the Spider Verse

2nd Jan 2019, 6:48 PM
1341. Return From the Spider Verse
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Dyonus 2nd Jan 2019, 6:48 PM edit delete
Sorry for the late comic. I actually forgot I had to do one what with New Years and all. My days got mixed up. Part of that being that I slept most of New Years Day.

So, I figured Pegwarmers was in its own universe. I don’t know...Earth--4242? That sounds like a good enough number to me.Then there’s Earth-4243, which is where all the team up storylines I’ve done for Pegwarmers takes place. Doesn’t make sense for those to be aware of their comic, video game, or movie counterpart, but the ones of 4242 can because they make comments and snide jokes about them.

So the Spider-Men featured here are: Superior Spider-Man, Pegwarmers Spider-Man (dressed as MCU Spider-Man, of course), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Raimi Spider-Man, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, 616 Iron Spider suit, PS4 Spider-Man (of course), and Spider-Ham.
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