1398. F*** You, Sony!

23rd Aug 2019, 12:40 AM
1398. F*** You, Sony!
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Dyonus 23rd Aug 2019, 12:40 AM edit delete
To be fair, Disney isn't much better. Two competing companies make us Spider-Man fans feel cheated. You guys need to hug it out already. Sony, if you think we want you making the movies by yourself and not include him in the MCU, you clearly don't know your audiences. No one wants the Spider-Man extended universe unless we're talking about the Spider-Verse. You've proven you can't handle a Cinematic Universe with Amazing Spider-Man 2 and this is coming from someone who LIKES Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Disney...you own everything else. If you really wanted him badly enough, sue for him or buy him for a decent price. You bought Star Wars and Fox! Sony has to have a price for him, just pony up. He's proven himself worth it with Homecoming and Far From Home.

I hate you both, just give me a good Spider-Man movie and keep him in the MCU. That's literally all I care about. I didn't care originally, but I care now.

That being said, if they give us the quality of Into the Spider-Verse or Insomniac's Spider-Man, I guess I can forgive the lack of MCU, but only time will tell.
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