15. Disney

19th Nov 2009, 11:00 PM
15. Disney
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Dyonus 19th Nov 2009, 11:00 PM edit delete
I know I'm late in the game of making fun of Disney's acquisition of Marvel, but I felt the need to do it since I am dealing mostly with Marvel characters. I figured I'd do it eventually and just take one shot at it as most of the other jokes are probably already done. Here's my one and probably only contribution to that.

I would like to mention that pre-established movie universes still hold up. For instance, the Deadpool movie will probably be made by Fox as Deadpool appeared in Fox's X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie...well...Wade Wilson did, anyway.

Also, I'm not making fun of the Superhero Squad figures, I like them. All the ones I have have masks on them because the faces look silly, but I still think they're cool. The Deadpool one is a nice addition to my Deadpool collection.

They made a Superhero Squad TV cartoon series and it's just ridiculous. Basically just a kids' version of The Avengers...which means Deadpool probably hasn't made an appearance in it. Oh well.
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