198. Catwoman's Announcement

20th Jan 2011, 11:00 PM
198. Catwoman's Announcement
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Dyonus 20th Jan 2011, 11:00 PM edit delete
Honestly, I'm not that thrilled about Bane, but I like the idea of Catwoman and I find Anne Hathaway to be rather hot, so there is that.

By the way, the way I wrote Catwoman and Deadpool's relationship (gee, never thought I'd ever type that...) is based off a friend of mine and his wife. He's always checking out other women and making comments and she doesn't seem to care. She just roles her eyes. I guess Catwoman and my friend Rachel are both secure in their relationship that they don't have to get jealous over something small like that. (Somewhat unrelated...I met her in high school and him in college and I found out later that they were married.)
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dempsy40 21st Apr 2012, 2:42 PM edit delete reply
deadpools movie will be out in 2014
Ted the saiyanwolf 15th Feb 2016, 9:22 AM edit delete reply
Ted the saiyanwolf
So how does it feel knowing that Deadpool didn't come out until 2016
Dyonus 18th Jun 2016, 6:04 PM edit delete reply
It was a long wait, but I didn't give up hope...more than like four or five times. Well worth the wait, though.
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