336. Batpool

9th Dec 2011, 9:24 AM
336. Batpool
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Dyonus 9th Dec 2011, 9:24 AM edit delete
Actually, the reboot of DC seems to imply that the two Batmen are Bruce Wayne and Batwing (a character based in Africa). Grayson is back to Nightwing...and I'm not entirely sure about the other ones Batman set up in Batman, Inc.. It seems like they got killed or something...or maybe they're just not being focused on so they might as well be dead.

Anyway...I picked this batsuit for one reason...you can't see the face underneath and I'd either have to go in and put the sores on Batman's face or digitally paint it red. This is the only option I liked. Well...I also have Batman Beyond, but I just can't see Deapdool in the Batman Beyond costume. This costume is from the Justice story arc, which I still haven't read. I thought this costume was bad ass and it is canon, so it seemed a perfectly good figure to buy...just haven't had much need to use it in the comic...well...that doesn't really matter. I have tons of figures that have never been in a comic.
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