381. The New Sinister Six 03: The Sixth Member

23rd Mar 2012, 7:43 AM
381. The New Sinister Six 03: The Sixth Member
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Dyonus 23rd Mar 2012, 7:43 AM edit delete
The reason why Anti-Venom is good for taking on Carnage is that since the Anti-Venom symbiote was created as the negative version of the Venom symbiote (by accident when Mister Negative touched Eddie Brock who had bits of the Venom symbiote in his blood after it left him) and gave him the ability to be the Kryptonite to symbiotes in a sense. Actually, he tends to sap Spider-Man's powers when he touches him.

He also has the ability to kind of heal people. The Anti-Venom symbiote cured Eddie Brock's cancer.

But this is part of the reason Spider-Man doesn't trust Anti-Venom is because he's Eddie Brock.

Speaking of which, I had considered using Venom for the Sinister Six, but given that the current Venom is Flash Thompson, who is a good guy (and a government agent) I decided against it. Maybe if Eddie Brock or Mac Gargan were the current Venom, but they're not. So I changed it to Carnage so I could keep Anti-Venom in the Sinister Six.

As for Tony...he did fall off the wagon recently, but only so he could humble himself before Odin for the Fear Itself story arc.
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mathias42 24th Mar 2012, 10:46 AM edit delete reply
I really haven't enjoyed the Gargan venom or the Brock Anti-Venom. I think that they just arn't sure what to do with the character anymore.
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