586. Upgrade

15th Jul 2013, 7:05 AM
586. Upgrade
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Dyonus 15th Jul 2013, 7:05 AM edit delete
What? Time machines get jealous, too. I wanted to do this with a DeLorean, but I don't currently have one and I do have two TARDISes, so I thought "what the hell?" and went for it. Why do I have two TARDISes? Two reasons.

1. I originally bought the 11th's TARDIS just to have one and then I read up on the fact that the one they made for 10 is a better version...such as the interior and the sign lighting up. (You can't see it because the lights I'm using for the comic drown them out.)

2. It'll come in handy come time for the 50th Anniversary comic arc...which is why I bought his companions as well.

Oh...and this 10th Doctor is a bit different from the one I usually use. He has no brown coat, he's wearing glasses, and his shoes are red. He came with the 10th Doctor's TARDIS (nice eBayer), so I decided to use him.
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