764: Retraction

3rd Sep 2014, 5:59 PM
764: Retraction
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Dyonus 3rd Sep 2014, 5:59 PM edit delete
The reason for this comic is that I actually got around to seeing the movie. And while it isn't the best thing bearing the name "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," it's far from being the worse. Designs are a little ugly, Tony Shaloub was not a very believable Splinter (at least in my opinion), there are way too many inside character development and nuances that a casual viewer would not enjoy it, and well...I have this weird thing about Shredder.

Shredder's battle armor was cool, but not really the Shredder I wanted for a new live action movie. I would've liked something more like a traditional samurai instead of a robotic suit. Looks like it was ripped out of The Wolverine. (As in...the Silver Samurai.)

That's not the issue I have with this Shredder. When William Fitchner was announced in the movie (an actor I happen to like), they seem to have announced him to be playing Shredder. So naturally, the internet complained about white washing Shredder. Turns out in the movie that Fitchner was simply Shredder's student. I'm of the opinion that Oroko Saki (never called that in the movie) was thrown in last minute to avoid the white washing criticisms. I think originally Fitchner was going to be Shredder, but they refilmed some a couple of scenes, had the Shredder actor dub over the robotic suit's voice and Bob's your uncle (or Phil). This is why we never see Shredder's face again. Shredder never takes off his helmet.

Other than my minor complaints and some cheesiness (not unexpected from this franchise), it was an enjoyable movie.

More so than any of the Transformers movies. I'd rank it up there with the 2007 movie. Not quite as good as the original live action movie, but better than Secret of the Ooze and FAR superior to the third one.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, my favorite turtle is Raph, and yes I liked his 2014 movie counterpart.
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